Frivillig til Klimaforum09 i København forbindelse med COP15.

Climateforum09 is arranged by a host of Danish grass-root groups. It is the peoples meeting and a parallel to the official COP15 meeting.

We are looking for 800 volunteers - and 30 supervisors

We need around 800 volunteers and 30 volunteer supervisors to help us make Climateforum09 a success. The supervisors will guide and inform the volunteers and be the link between the 800 volunteers and the responsible task force at Climateforum09.

We are looking for?

?people with high spirits and the will to help others. You need to speak and understand English. Other language skills e.g. Danish, French or Spanish are highly appreciated, but not obligatory.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer supervisor, you'll also need to be a visible leader and possess the ability to keep a sense of perspective in stressful situations.

What are the tasks?

Volunteers are split into groups, leaded and coordinated by supervisors. Group themes will be: Information, Program, Practical Service Helpers, Technical Service Helpers and Secretary Support.

How long do you have to sign up for?

Volunteers will have to sign up for at least 15 hours during the period of the Climateforum09 (December 7th to December18th). The daily work period will typically be 5 hours. Information meeting will be held in week 48 or 49.

Volunteer supervisors will have to sign up for around 40 hours (8 x 5 hours) during the period of Climateforum09. Supervisors must attend information meetings in week 45 or 46.

Is this something for you?

If you would like to be a volunteer or supervisor, please email Asmund at Please write a few words about yourself and why you find it interesting to be a volunteer and/or supervisor. Please also note your language skills and which groups you could see yourself join. Volunteers will be given free organic food. Register at the volunteer's network at to receive future newsletters.

Hope to see you,

Best regards

Asmund Birkals

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