About Dean's Challenge

Deans Challenge - What, when and why

Innovation is a process that can be taught...

What is Dean's Challenge?

Dean’s Challenge is a case competition at the Faculty of Science and Technology at Aarhus University. The competition is for everyone, but at least one in each group have to be at student at Science and Technology - Aarhus University. The purpose of Dean’s Challenge is to give students an opportunity to use the competencies they have acquired at the university in a competition where innovative ideas are in focus. Each team pick and work with on of three cases in four weeks and afterwards hand in a solution on the 19th of october. When all the solutions are collected the team behind Dean's Challenge collect three from each case to compete at the final on 26th of october. 

The challenge is organised in collaboration between the student organization NOVA and the Dean of Science and Technology at Aarhus University, Niels Christian Nielsen.

When is Dean's Challenge?

The competition will run from the 28th of September until the 26th of October 2018 

In the end of September (28/9), three challenges within the three areas will be announced and the competition initiated with a KICK-OFF workshop (5/10) featuring presentations with our three industry partners

Next, the participants will have approximately two weeks (until 19/10) to work on ideas to solve one of the three challenges. During this time, the teams will have the opportunity to participate in workshops executed by specialists within innovation, entrepreneurship and presentation technique, to help them make their way to the finals (26/10).

When the participants have submitted their innovations, the ideas are screened and evaluated, and three teams from each challenge area will be invited to participate in the finals.

The jury consists of the Dean and representatives from the industry partners.

Why Participate?

You should sign up for Dean's Challenge 2018, if you would like...

  • To contribute to solve a global challenge
  • To test your competencies outside the limits of the lecture halls
  • To expand your social and professional network
  • To win 10,000 DKK
  • A chance to combine academic skills with innovative and creative thinking
  • To boost your CV