The Innovation Toolbox

Background articles

The Innovation Toolbox

Great toolbox for innovation, if you for instance want to understand how innovation works, make a plan, generate new ideas and so on. Check it out!

The Innovation Process

This text describes the different phases in an innovation process - 1) Identify the problem to be solved 2) Analyse the current situation 3) Develop different solutions 4) Choose a solution and describe it further 5) Realise the solution


Inspirational videos

Business Model Canvas

This is a tool that will help you describe the different elements in a business model. It will also help you through the innovation process. It is a good idea to start by describing your value proposition.

The art of innovation

Inspirational TED talk with 10 key points about innovation.

Where good ideas come from

4 minute video where the talk is complemented with drawings. The talk is about the environments that create good innovators. 

Where good ideas come from - the talk

TED talk that explains in depth what environments we should create if we want to become good innovators.

Start with why - how great leaders inspire action

TED talk about how great innovators and leaders communicate by starting with the why.

Find your inner innovator

Take this test to find your innovator type

Take this test to find your personality type