Short-Term Internship Programme at Cern

Are you looking for a short training period? If you're an undergraduate student in a technical or administrative field, you might be interested to spend a practical training period of 1 to 6 months, in the framework of your studies.

20.02.2018 | Heidi Søndergaard

Next round of Danish mini trainee/internship program with application deadline of March 1st. Danish applicants that has applied to the CERN trainee/internship program on this date will be taken into account.

General info about short term internship program:

Application : Click on “Apply” sub-menu

Info slides on our specific Danish mini trainee program can be found in:
(this is public access so students can also access this)

I highly recommend that the applicants attach their latest school/university marks to their application as potential supervisors needs some info about the level and experience of the students to determine if they are appropriate for the project they have in mind. References can also be useful.

We now have 6 Danish trainees (plus 2 technical/admin students and a fellow) at CERN and they have a weekly lunch together and have already had the chance to visit the ATLAS experiment with Sune (ATLAS closes for access in coming days as preparing to LHC start up).

Best greetings from CERN



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