Econ Data and Software Lab (EDSL)

EDSL is open for all no matter the year of your student ID. The course will run as a “study café” allowing students to ask questions and get help with technical problems.

29.01.2019 | Marie Louise Bro Pold

The goal of the Econ Data and Software Lab (EDSL) is to help students with text edition, data access, programming resources, and graphical representation. This is in order to assist students to produce empirical research and their theses.  In particular, we will focus on: how to produce a Pdf document using Latex, how to present this document with Beamer, the basis of Matlab, Stata and R, how to access a database. 

The workshops are run as a “study café”. The first hour of the session consists of an introduction to a software/database by us. The rest of the session is a Q&A for further practice and/or general questions. 


Time and Location: 

  • Wednesday in weeks 6-15 and 17-18
  • Location: Building 2636 – U215
  • Time: 3pm to 6pm.

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