Cluster Dynamics Group

In Cluster Dynamics Group, you can take part in research of the fundamental interaction processes between light and atomic/molecular clusters. We have a special keen interest in Helium Nanodroplets – both pure droplets and droplets doped with other atoms or molecules. For our research, we use EUV light sources, and for this we are building a set-up in connection with ASTRID2. In a project, you could also possibly join us for experiments at one of the following facilities:

  • Synchrotron Elettra and Free-electron laser FERMI in Trieste, Italy
  • Free-electron lasers FLASH and XFEL in Hamburg
  • High-harmonic Sources ELI in Prague, Czech Republic

A project in this group could include many aspects of experimental physics - vacuum technology, laser / EUV optics, charged particle detection, computer control and simulations. The following list can be seen as ideas for projects, but you are very much welcome to form your own project in collaboration with us.

  • Setting up ion imaging detectors and developing software for data acquisition and analysis for our set-up in Aarhus
  • Setting up a new cluster beam apparatus for our set-up in Aarhus
  • Doing experiments using a running helium nanodroplet apparatus at a synchrotron
  • Doing experiments with a femtosecond laser in our lab

You can read more about the group and our research at our website. You are also welcome to contact group leader Marcel Mudrich ( if you have any questions or are interested in a project.