The academic assistant programme

The academic assistant programme is for students who are enrolled in one of Aarhus University's Dual Career programmes, AU Elitesport and AU Iværksættere.

If you aren’t able to come to campus due to a situation that’s related to your sport or entrepreneurship, you can apply for an academic assistant who will help you keep up with your coursework.  

What is an academic assistant?

An academic assistant is a fellow AU student who communicates what’s happening in your classes to you while you are unable to attend on-site classes.

Your academic assistant helps you keep up with your coursework by taking notes, as well as making video or audio recordings of lectures, lessons and other course activities. All material is transferred to you digitally. Your academic assistant can also ask your lecturers and teachers questions on your behalf.

Please note: Any video/audio recording or live streaming of lectures must be approved by the course coordinator in advance of the lecture. In case of recording or live streaming of classroom instructions an agreement from the lecturer in question and the other students in the room is necessary. Recordings must be deleted as soon as it has been used for the purpose and not later than the end of the semester. 

You are responsible for finding your own academic assistant. You and your academic assistant will both be given information and advice to help you make your partnership a success.

Academic assistants will be paid by Aarhus University. Depending on your situation, you can work with an academic assistant for a couple of weeks or up to an entire semester. 

How do you apply?

Students enrolled in AU Elitesport apply by sending a mail to or
Students enrolled in AU Iværksættere apply by sending a mail to  

In the mail, you should explain your situation briefly and state the name and student registration number on your academic assistant. You should also provide an estimate of the number of classes you expect to receive help from your academic assistant in the present semester.

Because of the rules about sensitive personal information, we ask that you send the mail from your student email account. (If you don’t know your student email address, you can look it up at as soon as you receive confirmation of your enrolment.)

Do you have questions or need help?

If you have any questions or need help, you are welcome to contact us:

Anna-Lena Toft Petersen – / 40283893

Malene Thisgaard Knudsen - / 23382116

Morten Munch Mindegaard - / 28839158

You can find information about the guidelines for streaming and recording classes at Aarhus University here.