Student Guidance Counsellors

Student Guidance and Information at AU

The Student Guidance and Information office at AU consists of five units which are placed at the four faculties and the administration. 

We represent all of AU’s degree programmes at a number of education fairs such as U-days and Education Without Borders.

When you begin your degree programme, you will probably meet a student counsellor during the introduction week, and during your studies, you will regularly come across invitations to information meetings, workshops and short courses. At the Student Guidance and Information office, we offer personal sessions and presentations on:

  • Study skills and study techniques
  • Study groups
  • Bachelor’s project and Master’s thesis workshops
  • Study progress dialogues
  • Clarification of competences
  • Mentor schemes
  • Dispensations
  • Well-being

We offer personal student guidance if you run into challenges during your studies such as stress or exam anxiety, or if you just need help to create an overview.
If we cannot help you, we will refer you to someone who can.

We have a duty of confidentiality, so whatever you discuss with us is confidential. 

If you want a student guidance session, you can find the relevant contact information etc. by selecting your faculty in the drop-down menu.