Help is at hand

The Student Counsellors’ Office can answer practical questions about general and subject-specific rules which are important for your studies, as well as offering you specific guidance in relation to the subjects involved in your degree programme. You are also welcome to ask questions of a more personal kind (doubts about your course or how it suits you, for instance).

AU Studypedia is a study tool to help you navigate the academic side of your student life. Here you can learn more about different study techniques and working in groups, and you can find tips on writing assignments, working academically and searching for literature.

The Special Educational Support team can give you information and guidance on support for students with disabilities.

AU Elite Sport enables elite athletes to pursue their athletic ambitions without missing out on their education and the chance of a career alongside sport.

AU Entrepreneurs enables students to test their entrepreneurial aspirations and develop their own business alongside their studies.

The job of the university chaplains focuses mainly on the encounter between people and creating diverse events and services for all students in Aarhus and the surrounding area – regardless of religious beliefs and attitudes.

The Student Counselling Service are experts in offering short-term therapy for students on higher education degree programmes.

Studenterlinjen (formerly AU Helpline) is an organisation founded by students at Aarhus University who are interested in improving the university environment by directly initiating conversations between students. They wish to benefit from each other's support across the university in order to relieve some of the challenges that students experience during their studies.

There are many AU student associations to choose from if you would like to be active alongside your studies.

AU encourages you to speak out against abusive behaviour.

Assistance in combining student life and business life, building career competences through labour market knowledge, competence awareness and tools for job search.

Overview of external services/associations.