Warning and alarms


There are different types of alarms and ways to warn people in the individual buildings at AU. It is important to know what kind of warning or alarm system is found in the area where you spend your time. In some buildings, there is no warning system. In buildings with warning systems, there are two different types of warning systems:

  1. Warning systems which use sound signals
  2. Warning systems which use spoken instructions

Near the entrance doors which are most frequently used, you will find signs with information about the type of warning system used in the building in question.

All fire alarm call points provide information about whether pressing the fire alarm call point will send an alarm to the fire service or whether the unit must call the fire service directly. 


AU has developed a new evacuation app: AU Evacuate. AU Evacuate covers Aarhus BSS in Aarhus: buildings 1320 - 1415, buildings 1440 - 1444, buildings 1446 - 1447 and buildings 2610 - 2641. The app sends out emergency alerts in critical situations. We therefore encourage all employees, students and guests in these areas to get the app. Employees at Aarhus BSS with employer-paid mobile phones are obliged to install the app.

Read more about AU Evacuate

How to give the alarm

  1. Call 112
  2. Initiate evacuation
  3. Call AU’s emergency phone number: 8715 1617

Anyone can call AU’s emergency phone number, which is staffed 24/7, in case of an accident or life-threatening situations. The number does not replace 112, which you must always call first. 

When you call 8715 1617, a Securitas call centre will answer the call and activate AU’s internal alarm procedure and emergency management team to the extent which is deemed relevant.

AU’s emergency phone number is also on the alarm instructions poster that you will find on the walls in all of AU’s buildings.

The alarm instructions poster is static except for the address which states where the specific instructions poster is placed so that the emergency response units, which have been called in, can find the right place as quickly as possible.

In areas with no permanent staff, as a rule, the alarm instructions poster will be hung up at the Safety Points.

In areas with permanent staff, the alarm instructions poster will be hung up next to the evacuation equipment (vests and instructions).

The alarm instructions are included in all of the classroom instructions that you will find in classrooms and meeting rooms at AU.