Safety in the traffic

As a new student at AU, maybe it is not just the university you are experiencing for the first time – maybe you are new to Aarhus and Aarhus traffic.

Rådet for Sikker Trafik (in Danish) (The Danish road safety council) offers advice on traffic safety.

Watch out near the new tram

As the tram is a completely new addition to the Aarhusian cityscape and roads, we must all pay extra attention near the tracks and stops.

Despite its name, Letbanen, the tram is heavy and will be running side by side with pedestrians, cyclists and cars. Please note that the tram is very quiet, cannot steer out of the way or change direction, is wider than you may think and has a very long stopping distance.

For this reason, Aarhus Letbane has launched a safety campaign. The campaign material has been posted on notice boards around the university and explains how the tram is different from the traffic that we are used to.

So please pay particular attention and follow the traffic rules to avoid any accidents.

Read more about safety near the light railway at the Midttrafik website