FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions



What username and password should I use?
Your username is [AUID] @ uni.au.dk (not your student email). Password is your normal AU password.

I cannot enter the page where I need to fill out the form. What should I do?
Try using a different browser by copying the link into the address bar of a browser e.g. Chrome or Firefox. Safari in particular can present challenges with opening the form. If you still cannot access this page, you can contact us via this contact form.

Can I accept when I receive the message: “Permissions Requested”?
Yes, you can accept / approve. It is an approved account at Aarhus University that has an agreement with Microsoft.

My account is locked - what should I do?
Write to us via the contact form.

What do I do when I cannot log in with my password?
If you cannot log in, change your password via mit.au.dk. Then you should be able to log in to the form with the password you just changed. If you continue to have problems, please contact us via the contact form.


I do not write a business thesis. Do I still have to fill out the form?
Yes, but you only have to click "Submit" in the form.

I do not have a written agreement with the company / organization. Could it be a business special?
Yes. An oral agreement with a company about collaboration is also an agreement, so you may well agree that it is a business thesis.   


I have provided the wrong CVR number by mistake, but how do I fix it?
You need to fill out the contact form and write the correct CVR number and we will correct it.

I made a mistake when filling out. How do I get it fixed?
If you have a correction to the form you filled out, please contact us via this contact form with your study number and what you would like to have corrected in the form.

I have written assignment with another. Should we both fill out the form?
Yes. You must both fill out the form.

Did you not get an answer to your question?
Write to us via the contact form.