Aarhus BSS Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for students at Aarhus BSS aims to describe the school’s core values and expectations to student behaviour when on campus and/or when representing Aarhus BSS and Aarhus University. 

All students are expected to adhere to the values represented in this Code of Conduct.

The key objectives of Aarhus BSS are to deliver excellent research and teaching with academic freedom and open exchange of ideas and opinions which characterise a well-functioning and dynamic university environment.


The students are expected to contribute to creating a dynamic and inspiring academic environment and thus contribute to fostering a good learning process by demonstrating a high level of ambition and assuming co-responsibility for the teaching, learning, group assignments and projects. Aarhus BSS is committed to providing the necessary frameworks for this, for example through regular study environment surveys and dialogues with students.

In all learning situations, the school values a friendly and welcoming atmosphere between and among students and staff.

Social interaction

A high quality of social interaction requires that students at Aarhus BSS exercise mutual care and responsibility in all professional relationships –when meeting with others in person, in group contexts and/or in the collective sphere.

Students are expected to behave in a friendly manner towards everyone they meet on university premises, regardless of race, gender, nationality, religion and social background, and to be considerate to the university’s property in accordance with Aarhus University’s disciplinary measures for students.

The external environment

Faculty, staff and students at Aarhus BSS work curiously and critically in an open and dynamic interaction with the external environment. When students act as representatives of Aarhus University and Aarhus BSS in their interactions with companies, organisations and partners, it is essential that they contribute to building and maintaining a positive reputation in the public eye.

Use of Aarhus BSS logo

As a general rule, Aarhus BSS’ logo is only to be used on the school’s own platforms and media. However, as a student it is allowed to use Aarhus BSS' logos for internal use, e.g. for assignments or Master's thesis. As a student, you are not allowed to use the logo, e.g. by copying the logo in a survey or questionnaire, and thereby claim to officially represent the school under false pretenses.

The faculty's name

Aarhus BSS encourages student unions and other student initiatives at Aarhus BSS to include the school’s name in e.g. revues, book stores and other school events. 

If you are in doubt about the use of the logo and name, you are always welcome to contact the school’s communications department, Aarhus BSS Communication

Download Aarhus BSS' logos

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