AU IT offers students at Aarhus University to buy a license for 300 DKK.


As a student at BSS you have the opportunity to purchase a license for Nvivo. The price is 300 DKK. Please install the program (see instructions below) before you come by the IT-department, as this can take a while.

Be aware of the limitations of Nvivo if you use a Mac computer. 

License can be purchased here:

If you only have to use Nvivo for a short period, it can be downloaded for free under the heading "Installation". During the installation, you must choose "14 day trial".

The license is purchased for one year and expires 31st august each year (no matter the date of purchase). If you still wish to use Nvivo, you must purchase a new license. 

You will receive your license within one business day of your purchase. Please note that the license is sent by default to your student mail (post.au.dk).

If you don't receive an order confirmation within an hour, receive your license within one day or if you have any further questions, please write to bss.it@au.dk. In that case, it is important that you provide your full name and study number.

NB! Please be aware that the mail is sent to your studymail as default within one business day of your purchase (post.au.dk)


Analytics Group does not conduct courses for this program at the given time, but upon request a course can be arranged. This is done by contacting analytics@au.dk with the requested content for the course and requested duration, after which a course structure will be suggested that are consistent with the given requests.

Course material

Below the course material from current and previous courses is listed:

NVivo introduction

A thorough introduction to the qualitative analytics program NVivo. Learn the basic elements of the program: Importing data, free coding, structured coding, coding requests, etc.