Available student place scheme

New student at the available student place scheme

As a student at the available student place scheme you are taking courses from a Bachelor's or Master's degree programme together with the full-time students.  

Therefore, your course is part of a certain programme, and this determines where you need to look for further information. 

You need to know the rules and conditions applying to the programme your course belongs to. You also need to know the special rules governing the available student place scheme.  

If you are a new student at Aarhus Universitet

Use the list to get started: 

  1. Activate your account
  2. Gain access to your AU e-mail. It is important you gain access and check your AU e-mail or you risk overlooking important messages from faculty and administration. You will find a guide on your subject portal under "IT and support". 
  3. Make sure you have admission to the online teaching system Brightspace
  4. It is important that you find your student ID as you will need this for your study. Consider if you need to order a student ID card - you can use it a identification for exams (or use your driver's licence) and to access the buildings.
  5. Check admission to the wireless network Eduroam. Follow the instructions on the website. 
  6. Please note that for digital exams, your computer must meet the specified system requirements. Make sure you check the requirements for digital exams well in advance. Read more about digital exams on your subject portal.  
  7. Check your timetable and see when your classes are starting. You will find your timetable on mystudies.au.dk.
  8. Make sure you can copy/print.
  9. Sign up as a AU Library user. 
  10. Buy your books at Stakbogladen (website in Danish).
  11. Download the "Find AU" app - it will help you find your way around campus (website in Danish).

If you are already a student at Aarhus Universitet

Your student ID and your AU e-mail will remain the same. If your AU e-mail is correctly installed you do not need to do anything.   

How to find your subject portal

Your course is a part of a full-degree programme and there is a subject portal connected to that programme . The subject portal is a website where you can find relevant information in relation to your study. 

For example: if you are taking a course from Political Science, you need to look at the subject portal for Political Science. 

Look for your subject portal here. Write the name of the programme in the search bar

If you cannot remember which programme your course belongs to, check the course catalogue. 

Use the name of the course or the "UVA number" to search the course catalogue. Remember: this is the same information you used when applying for the course.  


The exams are the same for the full-degree students as it is for you as a student in the available place scheme - i.e. same conditions, same time and same place. The same rules regarding exam registration and withdrawel apply to all students in the course, including you.  

Read more about the specific exam in the course description for your course. Find the course description in the course catalogue. 

Check the exam schedule for your course to find time and place for the exam. Find it at your subject portal under "Exam".  

Specific rules for student at the available place scheme:
According to the rules set by Aarhus University, students at the available student place scheme can attend exam up to 2 years after teaching has ended.  

Payment and refunds

In the available student place scheme you pay for the courses you take. Please make sure you know what is covered by the participant's payment.  

Maybe you need to withdraw from a course. In this case, it becomes important when and where you register a withdrawel.  

Read more about fees, withdrawel and refunds here. 


If you have any questions related to your invoice or payment in general, please contact the administration at evu.bss@au.dk 

Exemption from the rule of refund deadline

It is possible to apply for an exemption from the rule “refund deadline”. Applications for exemptions can only be met if you can document that ‘special circumstances’ apply and thus may provide an exception from the usual rules and regulations in your case.

When applying for an exemption, you must enclose:

  • Documentation substantiating these ‘special circumstances’. Such documentation can be e.g. a medical certificate confirming that you have been ill, a death certificate confirming that you have lost a close relative, or similar.
  • A short description of your situation
  • Your account number, in case you receive a refund.

You apply by using the electronic form at mit.au.dk You will find the form under ‘applications’.

Please note

There are some specific rules connected to the available student place scheme.

  • You are not eligible for the Danish student support SU
  • You cannot be enrolled in a full-time programme and at the same time be enrolled in courses from the same programme via the available student place scheme
  • Reg. exam: According to the rules set by Aarhus University, students at the available student place scheme can attend exam up to 2 years after teaching has ended. 


Students at the available place scheme have several contact points in the administration. Your contact point depends on your situation and the programme your course belongs to. 

Aarhus BSS Student Services

At Aarhus BSS Student Services we offer guidance and advice on any practical and administrative questions you might have in relation to your degree programme.

We can help you with:

  • Submission of assignments and the Master’s thesis
  • Transcripts of grades
  • Verification of degree programme
  • Confirmation of enrolment
  • Questions on course and exam registrations
  • Submission of applications for dispensation and examination appeals
  • How to use the study portals and the Stads self-service system

Contact: Phone 87164026 or e-mail studentservices.bss@au.dk 

If you have any questions regarding your specific study programme, please contact the student counsellors on your degree programme. 

Student counsellors

The student counsellors are typically enrolled in the same bachelor’s or master’s degree programme as you. They are educated counsellors and are therefore able to guide you if you have questions regarding courses, exams, rules and regulations, credit transfer, planning of your studies, etc.

Find the contact information for the student counsellors at your course/programme by looking at your subject portal under "Student counselling". 

Student welfare counsellors

The student welfare counsellors are members of the study administration staff. We can help you if you have questions related to being a student in the available place scheme. We can also help if you need to discuss topics of a more personal character. The sessions will often extend beyond the tehcnical study-related questions connect to the specific course.  

You can find contact information to the student and welfare counsellors for your course/degree programme on your subject portal under "Student counselling"

When contacting us, please remember to use your AU e-mail. Please include your full name, degree programme, student ID and a brief description of what you would like to talk about.