Access to buildings and locations

RULE: Access to buildings

Information security is also about who has access to campus and who is on campus.

  • Employees and students have a duty to report any illegal activity at Aarhus University's locations and other security breaches
  • You have a duty to comply with the established security precautions in the university's secure areas, e.g. areas containing sensitive material, activity or equipment.
  • If you are a host, you are responsible for guests' activities at the university.

TIP: Be careful about who you allow into buildings.

  • Help to maintain a high level of security in the university buildings.
  • If you meet a person you think may not be allowed at AU, ask if you can see their key card or student ID card. If they do not have one, ask who they are going to visit.
  • Consider whether you should call the person they are to meet, or accompany the guest to the meeting.