Delay and inactivity


There are many reasons for why you might not be able complete your studies within the prescribed period of study. You might have been ill, failed an exam, been on maternity or paternity leave, etc.

It can be difficult to find out how to plan and structure the rest of your study programme once you’ve been delayed. That’s why the student counsellors are ready to help you make a plan for when to take which courses and for how to live up to the active enrolment requirements prescribed by the SU grant scheme, etc.

Guidance interviews offered by AU
The university is obliged to offer special counselling services to students who are at risk of interrupting their study programme due to delays in their studies. If you are more than six months delayed in your studies, you are entitled to special counselling aiming to help you complete your study programme. If you are more than 12 months delayed and there is a risk that your programme will be interrupted, you will be offered special counselling in the form of an individual guidance interview.

Study inactivity

At Aarhus BSS there is a set of rules that stipulates the monitoring student inactivity. In short, the following rules apply in relation to inactivity and are based on:

  • lack of exam participation (i.e. no participation in exams): withdrawal after one year
  • failed exams (i.e. no passed exams): withdrawal after two years

As a student, you are required to take an active approach to your studies. Active enrolment means that you must have passed an exam. It is not enough to have attended classes or to have used an examination attempt.

If you fail to pass at least one exam within a consecutive period of 24 months (four semesters), you will no longer be regarded as actively enrolled and will be withdrawn from your degree programme.

This means that you must have passed at least one exam for every 24 months that go by. The ordinary exam period of the 4th inactive semester thereby represents your final opportunity of fulfilling the requirement of active enrolment.

NOTE: You must always comply with the rule regarding the maximum period of study for your degree programme. Please consult your academic regulations for further information on the maximum period of study.

Exams passed at other universities, including universities outside Denmark, count as active enrolment if you gain credit transfer for them. Please note that credit transfers for exams in connection with changes of academic regulations do not count as active enrolment.