Open Project Work

About Open Project Work

The main part of the tuition consists of independent project work managed by the student(s) supported by a professional supervisor. Through a problem analysis a problem formulation will be prepared which should be approved by the supervisor. Based on the student's proposal a work plan and time schedule for the project will be agreed upon. Fixed tutorials with a written draft from the student will be arranged.

The report can be made in groups. In this case, each individual contribution to the report must be identifiable.

The maximum number of pages in the report is 15 pages for 5 ECTS, 25 pages for 10 ECTS and 35 pages for 15 ECTS.

Project Contract

Chemistry project/student seminar in the spring semester: you must sign a project contract no later than 1st of March 

Chemistry project/student seminar in the autumn semester: you must sign a project contract no later than 1st of October 

You must enter the mandatory information in the form: 

  • information about the student 

  • name and email address of the supervisor(s) 

  • information about the company (if the project is done in collaboration with a company) 

  • project title (just enter a working title, you can always change it later) 

  • framework of the project (ECTS=10, submission deadlines are 15th of June and 15th of January) 

  • a problem definition of 3-5 lines 

Link to the contract generator 

Submission and deadline

The submission date is arranged with the supervisor and written into the project contract. The project must be submitted within the examination period in the respective semester (for examination periods, see the Study Portal under Examination -> Examination schedules -> Teaching and examination periods).

The project must be submitted in WISEflow no later than 12:00 o’clock (noon) on the submission date.