Student Counsellors

What can a student counsellor help you with?

You are always welcome to contact the student counsellors if you need help or you have any questions. They are studying at bachelor or master's level and among other things can help you if... 

  • you are having trouble completing your degree or want to organise the course of your study in a different manner
  • you want to change, quit or take a leave of absence from your studies
  • you fall ill at same time as an exam
  • you fail to pass your exam
  • you have questions for the curriculum or courses
  • you want to know more about life as a student

Find your student counsellor below. (NOTE: you are not able to contact the student counsellors by phone and they must be contacted through their e-mails below.

Agrobiology, Agro-Environmental Management and Molecular Nutrition and food technology

Malene Hald


Celia Lemming Hald

Electrical Engineering

Oliver Fridorf

Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering and Master of Science in Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering

Emma Lund Sommer

Civil and Architectural Engineering

Benjamin Cramon 

Daniel Rasmussen

Computer Engineering

Benjamin Cramon

Daniel Rasmussen

Computer Science and Bioinformatics

Nikolaj Beck Mikkelsen    

Maja Skovgård Nielsen 

IT Product Development

Maja Skovgård Nielsen 

Nikolaj Beck Mikkelsen    

Data Science

Agnete Bie Westphael

Physics and Astronomy

Silke Sofia Dainese

Mathias Feldborg Mortensen

Geology and Geophysics

Kathrine Læssøe Mathiesen

Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry

Olivia Moe Kempel

Mathematics, Statistics and Science Studies

Agnete Bie Westphael 

Mathematics - Economics

Katrine Brændgaard Bräuner

Mechanical Engineering

Søren Asp Nissen

Molecular Medicine

Morten Øgelund Overgaard

Molecular Biology

Christina Konstmann Søndergaard


Mathias Feldborg Mortensen