Specifically for Kasernen

Study space

At present there are 3 reading rooms with each 10 study spaces plus another 4 study spaces in the room for the phonogram collection at Music. These can be applied for by students in Master's degree programmes affiliated with Kasernen.

To apply, please use application form. Deadlines for application:

  • 1 June (for the period 1 July - 2 January)
  • 1 December (for the period 3 January - 1 June)

Using the reading room

  • There are shelves to store your belongings and books. You may wish to put a label with your name on the shelves, according to special agreement with other users of the room
  • It is important that you clean up after yourself and make sure that the room is clean and tidy when you leave
  • Always lock the door if you are the last person to leave the reading room
  • Close all windows before leaving


  • Your private computer is your own responsibility. Always take it home with you!
  • All of Kasernen is covered by the wireless network (Hotspot)
  • There is one desktop computer in each room for shared use

Peaceful environment

  • No conversation allowed in the reading room
  • Switch mobile phones to silent. In order not to disturb the permanent staff, leave for the back stairs to make phone calls

Lunch break

  • No food allowed in the reading room
  • The first-floor kitchen is for students. Other kitchens are for staff
  • Food may be stored in the kitchen fridge
  • Water for tea and coffee available in the kitchen
  • It is your own responsibility to clean fridge and kitchen and to wash up
  • The kitchen must not be used for meetings. Please use the Foyer in building 1580 and/or 1584. Alternatively, use the group rooms in building 1581 (student house)