Study Centre Arts - Aarhus and Emdrup

Call or write to us

The two sections of Study Centre Arts have the same email address and telephone number:

  • Call us:87 16 10 87

We answer phonecalls and emails Monday-Thursday 12-15, Friday 12-14.

Visit us during opening hours


Taasingegade 3
DK-8000 Aarhus C
Building 1443, room 215

Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday: 12:00–15:00


Tuborgvej 164
DK-2400 Copenhagen NV
Building A, room 130

Opening hours:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 12:00-14:00

If you can't get hold of the Study Centre

If you have any problems close to a deadline - and the Study Centre is closed:

The receipt for your email is your documentation that you have contacted us in due time.

Do you need a signature?

If you need the study Centre's signature on a form or similar, you must complete and sign the document before sending it to the study centre.

This will usually mean that you must:

  • Print the document
  • Fill in and sign it
  • Scan it
  • Send it as an attached file to the Study Centre

Use your AU e-mail

When contacting us via e-mail, it is important that you always use your AU e-mail account. This is to ensure that your personal data are protected in the best possible way, as AU’s email system is a secure system, and to ensure faster processing of your enquiries.

In order to protect your personal data in the best possible way, the Arts Studies Administration will send all replies to your email enquiries to your AU email account.

How can we help you?

At Study Centre Arts, we can help you with questions about the practical and administrative aspects of your studies.

If you are a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree student and need guidance on your personal study conditions, your study plan or subject-specific issues, etc., please contact:

If you are a professional Master’s degree student and have questions about applications, admissions or fees, etc., please contact:

Which department does your programme belong to?

In some areas, there are different rules and guidelines for the three departments at the Faculty of Arts. Therefore, you need to know whether you belong under The School of Culture and Society, The School of Communication and Culture or The Danish School of Education (DPU).

On Brightspace (ormerly Blackboard) under My Org Units, you can see which department your programme belongs to:


Closing days

2021 - In Emdrup and in Aarhus:


  • Christmas Vacation: 21st of December 2020 – 3rd of January 2021
  • Easter: 29th of March– 5th of April
  • Common Prayer Day: 30th of April
  • 1st of May
  • Ascension Day 13th – 14th of May 
  • Whit Monday: 24th of May
  • Constitution Day: 5th of June
  • Summer Vacation: 5th – 30th of July
  • Autumn Vacation: 18th – 22nd of October
  • Christmas Vacation: 20th of December 2021 – 2nd of January 2022