Study Abroad at Bioinformatics

When can you go abroad?

During your master’s degree programme in Bioinformatics, you can study your 2. or 3. semester abroad.

Courses during your exchange

If you choose to study a semester abroad during your master’s degree, you must ensure that you find courses to achieve at least 20 ECTS within each of your specializations. If you have not completed the obligatory Projects in Bioinformatics (5 or 10 ECTS) before your exchange (or is able to complete it after), you must find a course that can replace it at the partner institution.

When you have found a number of relevant and interesting courses at the partner university, it is important that you consider the following:

  • Does the academic content of the course overlap with courses that is already covered at AU? If the overlap is too large, you cannot take the course abroad.
  • Do you have the necessary academic prerequisites to follow the course?
  • Is the course adequate to the level that you are currently at? As a master's student, you can only take a bachelor's course if the course is in the last year of the degree, an advanced bachelor's course, or if a similar course is not offered by AU.
  • Is the academic content of the course research-based? You must make sure that the academic content of the course is research-based, i.e. that the teacher is an active researcher within the field. If it is not research-based teaching, you cannot take the course.

Please make sure to check this before you apply for a pre-approval. If you are in doubt and need academic counselling on the content of the courses, please contact your head of degree programme. For all other questions about exchange please contact the International Office.

Popular destinations for students in Bioinformatics

  • University of Basil, Switzerland
  • University of Padova, Italy
  • Technical University of Munich, Germany (most suitable in the spring semester due to academic calendar)
  • Technical University of Vienna, Austria (most suitable in the spring semester due to academic calendar)
  • National University of Singapore