Study abroad in Computer Science and IT Product Development

You can go abroad during the Master's programme on your 3rd (9th) semester. 

Courses during the exchange    

When you have found some interesting courses that you want to follow at the foreign university, you must consider the following:

  • Whether the course content overlaps with courses you have already taken in your AU education. If the overlap is too large, you will be refused to take the course abroad.
  • Whether you have the prerequisites to follow the course.
  • Whether the course corresponds to the level you are studying at. As a master's student, you may well be allowed to take a bachelor's course if the course is an advanced course in the bachelor's part at the foreign university, or a similar course is not offered by AU.
  • Whether the academic content of the course is research-based – i.e. Is the teacher an active researcher in the subject or a related subject? If it is not research-based teaching, you will be refused to take the course.

Do yourself a favor by checking it out. Otherwise, you may get a rejection when you apply for your pre-approval.