Master's thesis

The master's thesis is the most independent part of the master's degree work. It may be an examination of empirical material, or it may represent a systematic enquiry into a theoretical subject based on existing literature. Find more information in the course description 'Master's thesis' in the AU course catalogue.

You are automatically registered for the Master’s thesis on the 4th semester.of your master's degree programme. As a general rule, the Master's thesis concludes the degree program.


Deadlines Master's thesis in the spring semester Master's thesis in the autumn semester**

Deadline for request for/choice of supervisor

1 December 1 June
Deadline for uploading your preliminary title and thesis statement in WISEflow 20 January 20 August
Master's thesis submission deadline 1 June 2 January
Deadline for uploading a revised thesis statement 10 June 10 January
Master's thesis submission deadline, second attempt* 15 September 15 April
Deadline for uploading a revised thesis statement 24 September 24 April
Master's thesis submission deadline, third attempt* 2 January 1 August

*These deadlines only apply if you do not submit your thesis within the submission deadline for your first or second examination attempt respectively. Other rules/deadlines apply if you do not pass your first or second examination attempt (please refer to the section “Submission of Master’s thesis” below”).

** These dates apply to students starting their programme in the winter and to students who have been granted dispensation to write their Master's thesis in the autumn semester.

If the date of the submission deadline for the Master's thesis falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the deadline for submission of the Master's thesis will be the next working day immediately following this date.