Dispensations, advance approvals and credit transfers

Always REMEMBER to read more about the framework for your degree programme in your academic regulations.

Your board of studies handles applications for dispensations, advance approvals or credit transfers.

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General information about dispensations

You may apply to your board of studies for dispensation from rules in the academic regulations. This may e.g. be in connection with the exam, the composition of your study programme, postponement of mandatory exams, deadlines and the like. If you have used your examination attempts, exceeded your time limits, require special conditions or extra time for written exams, you can apply to the board of studies for dispensation.

The board of studies may grant exemptions from rules in the academic regulations which have been laid down by the university, when the reasons are due to special circumstances. It is therefore important that you state the reasons for your application and enclose relevant documentation for the special circumstances that the board of studies should take into consideration when assessing your application.

It is a good idea to contact a student counsellor before you apply for dispensation. Your student adviser can help you to get an overview of your situation, so you have the best possible basis for making your decision.

You must apply via mit.au.dk, and your application must as a minimum:

  1. Be submitted in writing with an explanation of the reasons.
  2. State the rule that you are applying for dispensation from, and what you wish to achieve with the application.
  3. Contain documentation for the exceptional circumstances that justify the application.
  4. Contain your name and number.

Application for extension of written exams

Extra time may be granted for written exams in exceptional circumstances when these circumstances increase the time use. You must apply via mit.au.dk.

In accordance with the Examination Order Section 7, the university may offer special examination conditions for students with physical or mental impairment and for students whose native language is not Danish, if the university deems it necessary to provide the students concerned with equal opportunities in the exam situation. Such an offer must not, however, affect the level of the examination.

Examples of circumstances that significantly impact reading and/or writing speed:

  • Dyslexia: Must be documented with a current reading-pedagogical diagnosis.
  • Hand injuries and similar: Must be documented with current doctor’s certificate from a medical specialist (in the event of a broken hand, a doctor’s certificate from a general practitioner will be sufficient).

Examples of conditions that require breaks from a seated position:

  • Pregnancy, when the exam falls within the final 8 weeks of pregnancy: Must be documented by medical records.
  • Back injuries and similar: Must be documented by current doctor’s certificate from a medical specialist.
  • Breast-feeding of children up to six months of age, though only if the time is utilised for this purpose: Documented by the child's birth certificate.