Welcome to the exchange students at Aarhus University!


As an international student you will experience a vibrant student environment with outstanding facilities.
You will be studying at our beautiful campus containing the student house, the health science library and many student clubs and associations, enabling you to network and make new friends. 

Below, you will find important information about your semester as an international student. 

How to get access to AU systems

To log in to AU's systems, you often use your AU ID as a username.

You will find your AU ID at mit.au.dk (see below).

  1. Here you find your AU ID

The picture shows where to find your AU ID on mit.au.dk

The AU ID username is used for these services:

How to find your student number

When you are enrolled, you can see your student number on mit.au.dk, by logging in and going to Student Self-Service (STADS). Here your student number will be under “Enrollments” and “Person and address information”.

The student number is your personal identification at Aarhus University and is also part of you AU-email. 

How to check you email (post.au.dk)

All enrolled students at Aarhus University are given an AU email address.

As a result of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the university will communicate to their students only via a secure email system. Therefore, all email replies and enquiries from us will be sent to your AU email.

To make it easier for both you and us – and to ensure that your data is protected in the best possible way – it is important that you always use your AU email account when contacting us via email.  

The email address will be used when the University contacts you electronically, which might happen in connection with exam registration, cancelled classes, invitations to relevant events, information about exam deadlines etc.  

Please check this e-mail on a daily basis as all information regarding the semester will be sent to your AU email once the semester starts. 

You need your student number to get access to you AU email. 

Read more about how to get access to you AU email

If you have not received your student card but have an exam

Then you must bring the following to the exam:

  • Photo ID (passport or driver's license)
  • Confirmation of enrolment
  • Exam number

You can find the confirmation of enrolment and exam number in the student self-service system (STADS) (mit.au.dk and click to enter STADS).

  • Here you can find the confirmation of enrolment under the tab “print” – select print: exam confirmation.
  • You can find the exam number under the tab "Examination" under registrations.
    Here you should click on the subjects in which you have exams and the exam numbers will then appear.

Digital evaluation of the teaching

As of the spring semester 2016 all courses have to be evaluated digitally which will happen in AU's joint teaching evaluation system that's placed in BrightSpace.

As a student you will not feel much of a difference besides the fact that you have to fill out the questionnaire online in Brightspace instead on paper/or our previosuly used format Blackboard.

You will find the link to the questionnaire in the relevant course in the left menu under the menu item "Course evaluation". Your teacher will give you further instructions.

You can see the old evaluations here (in Danish).

Intro Days Autumn 2024

  • AU Intro days: 18th - 25th August 2024

  • Health Faculty Day: 22nd August 2024

  • Tour of Aarhus University Hospital for Medical Students: 23rd august 2024

  • Full details here