Would you like to learn how to use and code data?

Then take a look at what the BSS Datalab offers within this field and explore our courses within several disciplines.

At AU Library Fuglesangs Allé, in the autumn of 2023, we launched our BSS Datalab which is now ready to present courses and workshops for students at BSS.

The Datalab offers a physical space at AU Library Fuglesangs Allé as well as virtual courses and "drop-in" times. The Datalab can assist students with their specific projects and across multiple fields. On our website, you can explore the programs, workshops, and opportunities available. This spring, among other things we offer "Open Lab times", AI literature search courses, Drop-in for Law students, and EndNote introductions. More is on the way. Please take a look at the tools and methods in which we have the expertise to assist you.

Lecturers are welcome to direct students to the Datalab website to see what we offer and also welcome to reach out to us to discuss courses that can be embedded in their teaching.  

Questions can be emailed to the Datalab contacts – find them on the website under "Get help with programs, tools and methods".

AU Library

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