Circle U.

AU is a member of the European university alliance Circle U. The alliance originates from EU's European Universities Initiative, and it works to increase internationalization and to create new connections between research, education and innovation within e.g. climate, global health and democracy. The goal of the alliance is to establish a research-intensive and interdisciplinary joint campus, where students and staff work together to further develop our educations and solve the complex challenges that societies face today. In addition to AU, these eight other European universities are a part of the alliance:

  • University of Oslo, Norway
  • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • Germany King's College London
  • United Kingdom Université Paris Cité
  • France University of Belgrade
  • Serbia Université Catholique de Louvain
  • Belgium University of Pisa
  • Italy University of Vienna, Austria

Exchange opportunities in Circle U.

As a students at a Circle U. university you can go on exchange to one of the universities in the alliance. AU has a number of exchange agreements with the Circle U. partners, and continuously work to conclude more agreements. You can get an overview of your exchange opportunities in AU’s MoveON portal, where you also find Travel Reports from returned exchange students. Read more about the exchange oppportunities at the universities of the alliance here.

How to apply for exchange
Applying for an exchange to a Circle U. university is done in the same way as applying to AU's other partner universities. You submit your application via the application portal in MoveON, and you can read more about the process itself and application deadlines on the page "How to apply?" available in the menu.

Funding and scholarship
All students traveling to a Circle U. partner university are automatically considered for a scholarship from Erasmus+. The scholarship cannot be guaranteed, but experience shows that there will be scholarships for everyone. You can read more about finances and budget in connection with an Circle U. exchange on the page "Economy" found in the menu. 

Other opportunities for students in Circle U.

Engage in improving Circle U. for students
You have the opportunity to get involved in the Circle U. student Union (CUSU). CUSU is the mouthpiece of the students in the alliance, and participates in various decision-making bodies to ensure that the students have an influence on Circle U's strategic development. Read more about CUSU

Female Founder Network for entrepreneurs
For more women to engage in innovation and entrepreneurship Circle U. will establish a network for female entrepreneurs (both researchers and students). The Female Founder Network will be under the auspices of Student-led Sustainable Innovation. For further information about the network at AU please contact Adriana Maria Hansen.

Circle U. Summer Schools
Circle U. organizes summer schools hosted by the alliance universities. The first summer schools were offered in the summer 2022 in Paris, Berlin and Oslo with courses focusing on Climate, Global Health and Democracy. The summer schools targeted different groups (bachelor and/or master and/or PhD students), and you can read more about the summer schools and the application process here.

Examples of other opportunities for students are The Circle U. challenge, online webinars and free language courses, and you can read more about these and other opportunities on here.

What are other students saying?

Kirstine studied literature and linguistics at Université Paris Cité during fall 2022

I chose Université Paris Cité because it is located in Paris, and I had heard good things about French universities.

The courses I stuided offered many new perspectives and my professional benefit has been enormous. The universities have their good reputation for a reason, and you have to put in some work for the knowledge you bring home. I have always dreamed of living in Paris and my exchange stay here was the perfect opportunity. I studied linguistics taught in English, so my very limited French was not a problem. On the contrary, it gave some space to learn more about French language and culture at my own pace right in the middle of the City of Cities.

Study program at AU: Nordic Language and Literature with History as an addition

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Anne studied law at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin during spring 2022

I am happy with life in Aarhus, and would not go on exchange at any cost. The university, the city, the culture and the language had to fit well before it made sense. Suddenly thoughts fell on Berlin. A couple of my talented colleagues from Holst Advokater knew about going on exchange (and the study culture) in Germany, I had heard good things about the university from another law student and I had visited the city several times.

To have an additional "home town" in Europe. To be able to receive instruction in English. To be able to improve your German. To be able to have visitors during the exchange. Living in Berlin! What's not to like? My exchange stay at Humboldt-Universität lived up to all my expectations, and much more. Perhaps one day I will return to Humboldt-Universität for a shorter period, now that the University is part of Circle U., which creates additional and better opportunities to attend seminars, exchanges and summer schools during one's study or research period .

Study program at AU: Law
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Sirid is attending King’s College London during spring 2023

First of all I chose King’s College London because they offer really interesting subjects that range really widely, they have everything from ethics in Buddhism to anatomy and physiology. Personally, I wanted more natural science subjects than what I could take at AU, and I could get that at King's. In addition, the research environment within my area of ​​interest is really good in London, and it is tempting that their academic level seems really high :) I also really want to try living in London, so an exchange stay there seemed just perfect :)

Study program at AU: Cognitive Science
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Rebecca studied medicin at University of Oslo during fall 2022

I chose UiO because I wanted to try living in a big European city, where I could experience big city life and culture as well as magnificent nature up close. For this purpose, Oslo was just perfect. At the same time, I wanted to go to a country where it was realistic to learn to communicate in the local language. In addition, the teachers were generally skilled and the teaching was at a high professional level, and there also proved to be a very active student environment in the city. This all helped to make the stay a really good experience.

Study program at AU: Medicine

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