Formal requirements for the submission of written exam papers

Below is a list of the general provisions for written exam papers that you must remember to be aware of during the preparation of the exam paper - and before submission.

Formal requirements the lack of which the paper will be rejected without assessment:

  • Exceeding the deadline for submission  
  • Exceeding the stated maximum number of standard pages
  • The paper lacks: 
    • An official front page complete with information - to be filled out via Wiseflow
    • Bibliography (exact references to the sources applied in the text)
    • Indication of who is responsible for which part of the submitted text (group exam)
    • Summary (Bachelor's project and Master's thesis)

Other formal requirements:

  • The paper must be provided with page numbers
  • Citation practices: APA, but only as to references in the text and in the bibliography
  • Appendix is only allowed in Bachelor's project and Master's thesis – an appendix serves solely as documentation and is never included in the assessment of the paper
  • Summary of Bachelor's project and Master's thesis must not exceed 1,200 characters. As for article-based Master’s theses, in addition to the summary, an abstract may be prepared for each of the included articles. These abstracts form part of the paper

Formal requirements in connection with calculation of number of pages:

  • Standard page = 2,400 characters, including spaces
  • Tables and figures (including headings and table/figure text) count as 800 characters each regardless of size/length
  • Only Bachelor's projects and Master's theses may include appendix
  • Not included in the calculation of length:
    • Front page
    • Table of contents
    • Bibliography
    • Header and footer, as well as page numbers
    • Appendix (only allowed in Bachelor's project and Master's thesis)
    • Abstract (please note that as for article-based Master’s theses, abstracts for included articles are included in the length of the assignment)

Formal requirements relating to group exams:

  • Unless otherwise stated, the introduction as well as the conclusion are considered to be prepared by the whole group
  • The rest of the paper must clearly indicate (at section or page number) who is responsible for the individual parts of the text
  • Responsibility for the individual parts of the text may also be stated in the table of contents or within the text. If stated in the text, the signs will be included in the calculation of the total length of the paper.