Guide to participation as exam

What is participation as exam?

On some courses, you pass the examination by actively participating in the teaching.

Active participation may include:

  • Attending a certain percentage of lectures
  • Making presentations during the teaching
  • Solving assignments related to the teaching.

You can see the specific requirements for your active participation on the course page in the course catalog.

Go to the course catalogue.

Do you have any questions regarding WISEflow, please contact:

If you have any questions regarding your exam, please contact:

What happens if you do not participate actively in the teaching?

If you do not meet the requirements for active participation, you will use one examination attempt.

The way you pass the course afterwards varies from course to course.

You can always see in the course description in the course catalog how you proceed if you have not met the requirements for active participation.

If you become ill:

If you are unable to meet the requirements for active participation due to illness, you can apply to your study board to be exempt from using an examination attempt. You do this by submitting a dispensation application.