Temporary enrolment on the Master's degree programme

Apply to the Master’s degree programme

To be enrolled on a Master’s degree programme, you must as a general rule have completed your Bachelor’s degree programme. If you have applied for enrolment in the Master's degree programme, but have not completed your Bachelor’s degree programme, you will automatically be informed that you have been conditionally enrolled. If you are awaiting marks from e.g. re-examinations or Summer University, your enrolment will automatically be changed to a “proper” enrolment when the marks are registered.

If you do not have the possibility of completing your Bachelor’s degree programme before 30 September and have not been granted a temporary enrolment by 30 September, you will be withdrawn from the Master's degree programme.

Rules for temporary enrolment

The university can temporarily enrol you on a Master’s degree programme if the university deems that you have the academic prerequisites to complete and pass your Bachelor’s degree programme at the same time as you complete ECTS on the Master's degree programme. You can be temporarily enrolled for one semester. This may, however, also be for a longer period, if the teaching and exams you need to take on the Bachelor's degree programme are placed in a different semester. It is important that you provide this information in your application. However, you can only be registered for graduate courses up to a maximum of 30 ECTS.

For Master's degree programmes with restricted admission, and where qualified applicants have been rejected, it is only possible to obtain exemption from a temporary enrolment if you are a Bachelor with a legal right of admission. This is stated in AU’s rules on admission to and enrolment in full-time degree programmes at Aarhus University

To achieve this status it is important that you apply for admission to the Master's degree programme, as you can only obtain exemption from a temporary enrolment if you have created your own place precisely by applying for admission.

You cannot be temporarily admitted to the Master's degree programme if you have not applied for admission to the Master's degree programme no later than 1 April (for medicine also 1 November).

Application deadlines

You can only be admitted at the commencement of studies, which is to say once a year (with the exception of medicine, which has bi-annual commencement of studies, meaning that you can also apply bi-annually).

Start of the new semester

Deadline for applications to MA

Deadline for temporary enrolment


April 1st

July 1st – September 20th

February (medicine only)

November 1st

January 5th – Februar 15th

Monthly SU grant portion

You cannot ordinarily be admitted to the Master's degree programme before the Bachelor’s degree programme is completed and passed. This also means that you are not entitled to receive monthly SU grant portions for the Master's degree programme before you have passed your Bachelor’s degree programme. Even if you are temporarily admitted to the Master's degree programme, you only have the monthly SU grant portions for your Bachelor available while you complete your Bachelor’s degree programme.