AU Green Guide

Students and employees have asked for information about what they can do to add to the climate-friendly solutions that Aarhus University is currently implementing around campus.

Therefore, in this AU Green Guide, you can find inspiration on how you can contribute to a greener university.


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Who is behind the AU Green Guide?

The green tips in this guide about transportation, food and drink, the office as well as meetings and conferences were first reviewed and commented on by staff and students in AU’s green network and then by a number of the university’s researchers. Finally, we pulled them all together into the guide you can read here. The section on green tips in the lab was drafted by a working group that included lab technicians, facilities staff and OSHA reps.

All of the ideas presented in this guide will help reduce carbon emissions. But the greatest potential for CO2 reductions is in the transport and food areas as well as in the lab.

Terminology: To compare emissions across different greenhouse gases, emissions are converted into CO2 equivalents - in this guide, referred to as ‘CO2 emissions’.