You have a choice – vote now!

Which of your fellow students should serve on your board of studies and academic councils and represent you on AU’s board? You can help decide this when you vote in the university elections. You can cast your vote starting today – you have until until Thursday 11 November at 16:00.

Exercise your right to vote! With just a few clicks on your computer, you help ensure that students are involved in decision-making at Aarhus University.

This year, students can vote for representatives to their local board of studies and academic council, as well as the AU board. And there is good reason to vote, because important topics are discussed by the various councils, boards and committees at Aarhus University. The boards of studies prepare suggestions for academic regulations, ensure follow-up on teaching assessments and approve exam schedules, for example.

How to vote

  • Log on to with your AU ID and password.
  • Once you have logged on, you can see what elections you can vote in and who you can vote for.
  • You can vote electronically during the election period from 8 November at 9:00 to 11 November at 16:00.

In this year’s university elections there are also elections for PhD students. Find out what elections you can vote in as a PhD student

The election results will be announced at the beginning of the week commencing 16 November (week 46) on

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