Are you abroad? Use webmail to check your AU email

Your AU email will not work in an email client on your phone or tablet if you are outside Denmark. Whenever you’re abroad, sign in to webmail instead.

Person sitting with phone
For security reasons you must use webmail to check your AU email when you are abroad. Photo: Lars Kruse

An email client is typically an app (such as Outlook) that is installed on your phone, tablet or other device. For security reasons, students are no longer able to use their AU email via an email client while abroad.

You will be able to open the email client, but you will not see emails you’ve received while abroad, and you will not be able to send emails using the email client. You need to use webmail instead.

The university uses AU email to give you important information about your exams, orientation meetings and deadlines. So it’s essential you stay on top of your AU inbox.

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