Do you know the rules for taking phones and smartwatches to your exams?

Are you allowed to keep your phone in your jacket during an on-site exam? Is it enough to put your phone on flight mode? And where can you get an overview of the exam cheating rules? Find answers to all these questions here.

Mobile phones and smartwatches must be switched off and stored in a closed bag during the entire exam. Photo: Colourbox

The summer exams are in full swing, and it’s your responsibility to make sure you understand the exam cheating rules. If you don’t, you risk breaking the rules and incurring serious consequences – even if your actions were unintentional.

One of the things you need to know is how to store your mobile phone and other digital devices correctly when taking an on-site exam without exam aids.

Here is a guide to how to avoid being suspected of exam cheating:

  1. Use your phone to sign in to your exam with two-factor authentication.
  2. As soon as you have signed in, turn off your phone (it is not enough to put it on flight mode!).
  3. Put your phone in your bag and keep your bag closed for the entire exam (it is not enough to put your phone in your jacket!).

Remember that these rules apply to all digital devices, including smartwatches.

Get an overview of exam cheating rules

There are many other rules you need to be aware of. How do you quote correctly? Are you allowed to use your old assignments in a new exam? How can you avoid plagiarising? And many more.

Fortunately, you can get answers to these questions on AU’s exam cheating webpage. Here you will find an overview of what counts as exam cheating at AU as well as tips on how to follow the rules.

You can also ask your lecturer for help or your thesis/Bachelor’s project supervisor if you’re not sure what rules apply to your exam.

Get help if you’re struggling

If you’re tempted to cheat because you’re struggling with personal, family or academic issues, just don’t. Help is available, and there is always a better solution. Here are some good sources of help and support:

At you’ll find lots of good advice on how to boost your well-being.