Incorrect information in computer message about admission of full degree students – letter sent to students holds the correct information.

Last night, some of the newly admitted full degree students received an incorrect message concerning standby admission via the University's electronic self-service system. The letter they will be receiving by letter post later today holds the correct information..

An unfortunate error occurred in the computer programme providing future students with online access to their admission results. Consequently, a number of students were informed that they have been been awarded a so-called standby study place when in fact they have been admitted directly.
We very much regret this unfortunate error and are doing all we can to solve the problem.

All future students are correctly recorded in our admission system, and that the letter they will be receiving by letter post today also holds the correct information.

The error affects only students, who applied for a standby study place as well as a standard study place. Approximately 2000 full degree students are affected by the error.

Aarhus University will be contacting the students in question later today by email.

If you have applied for admission to Aarhus University and have questions regarding your admission, please contact us as soon as possible on +45 8715 0720 or via our chatroom.

We deeply regret this incidence.