Quota 2: 5,825 applicants had Aarhus University as their first choice

5,825 applicants had a degree programme at Aarhus University as their first choice. As expected, this is slightly fewer than last year, when quota 2 applicants were unusually high due to the Covid-19 situation.

Photo: Lars Kruse / AU Foto

Today at noon was the final deadline for quota 2 applicants to university degree programmes. This year Aarhus University received a total of 16,340 applicants – and for 5,825 applicants, Aarhus University is their first choice. These are the preliminary application statistics.

This is a slight decline relative to 2021, and in line with application figures in 2020. Aarhus University received an unusually large number of applications in both years, primarily on account of the Covid-19 and the lockdowns. This increase was also apparent at the national level (find out more in the press release from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science).

Compared to the total application figures for Aarhus University in the years immediately prior to the pandemic, applications to Aarhus University have increased.

The final quota 2 application figures broken down by degree programmes for 2022 will be available later this week on AU’s press website.

Note that the final figures for 2022 applications to Aarhus University will not be available until after the deadline for quota 1 applications, which is 5 July at noon. Applicants will receive decisions on their applications on 28 July.

Development in quota 2 applications at Aarhus University:

  • 2022: 16,340 applications – 5,825 first priority (preliminary figure)
  • 2021: 18,046 applications – 6,130 first priority (final figure)
  • 2020: 15,732 applications – 5,852 first priority (final figure)
  • 2019: 14,943 applications – 5,536 first priority (final figure)
  • 2018: 14,866 applications - 5.599 first priority (final figure)