Microsoft outage is causing problems with Teams and Outlook worldwide

Microsoft has been hit by a major networking outage that is causing worldwide problems with a variety of services, including Teams and Outlook.

Illustrative graphic about IT-outage

If you’re experiencing delays or connectivity problems when you try to access a Microsoft application, it’s because the software company has been hit by a major network outage that is causing problems for users all over the world.

The disruptions are due to technical problems at Microsoft, not AU; according to a statement released Wednesday morning, the outage was caused by a network change.

Microsoft has created a status page with an overview of services that have been impacted: in addition to Teams and Outlook, they include Sharepoint Online, Exchange Online and OneDrive for Business.

Microsoft has not announced when the problems will be resolved. but any developments will be announced on the status page as well as on, where AU IT will post updates on the situation.