Problems with Word and Excel on Mac computers at exams (updated 4 June)

Are you planning on using a Mac computer for a written on-site exam? Then you may have problems with Word and Excel at your exam. Find out how to deal with this below. NOTE: updated on 4 June.

Photo: AU Foto

Many students who use a Mac are currently experiencing problems with Word and Excel during their written exams if they use version 16.85 of the programs. Last week, users were encouraged to downgrade their version of the programs to solve the problem.

In the meantime, Microsoft has launched version 16.85.2 of the Office package (which includes Word and Excel). Students who use Macs should update to this latest version before taking any written on-site exams. 

Its very important that you update your Office package to the latest version. Otherwise, there’s a risk that Word will freeze and even crash during your exam.

Find out how to update to the latest version of the Office package on the Microsoft support page.