Stand or vote at the 2013 election

In the period 25–28 November, students will once again be electing representatives to the numerous councils, boards and committees at the university. This is the perfect opportunity for budding student politicians to take centre stage – while others can seek to gain influence by voting for their favourite candidates.

You are welcome to stand for election to – or vote for candidates for – the AU Board, the local boards of studies, academic councils and/or PhD committees.

Click here to find out more about councils, boards and committees.

Register your candidacy before 8 November – the earlier the better

If you would like to put your name forward for election, you can do so from 25 October until 8 November. However, it is a good idea to submit your candidacy registration form as early as possible in the period so that any errors can be corrected before the deadline expires.

For additional details about standing for election, see – it is also a good idea to contact a current member of your local board of studies to find out more.

Click here to access a candidacy registration form.

Become active and find out more about student politics

You do not necessarily have to be elected to office to make your influence felt. On many degree programmes and in many main academic areas, there are academic committees and university political groups that meet to discuss what they would like to see changed in their programmes or at the university.

If you would like to find out more about student politics, contact the members of your local board of studies or academic council – or one of the student political organisations.

Click here to view a list of all the student organisations at AU (in Danish only).

Be ready to vote

Although you cannot vote until 25-28th November it is a good idea to try to log on to the system to check your login. When you are logged on, you will also be able to see what you can vote for:

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