Avoid exam cheating: Make sure you understand the rules for taking exams

Good academic practice and research integrity are the fundamental building blocks of a university – also for you as a student. Make sure to familiarise yourself with AU’s rules and standards for good academic practice to avoid cheating in exams. This is important because cheating can have serious consequences – even if you break the rules by mistake.

On AU's website you can read much more about the rules for taking exams. Graphics: Cecilie Elgaard

Can you reuse text from one of your old exam papers in a new exam? How do you correctly cite your sources? And what is unauthorised collaboration?

You can find the answers to these questions and many more on AU’s website about exam cheating. Here you will find an overview of what counts as exam cheating at AU as well as tips on how to follow the rules.

And that’s really important! As a student, you are expected to respect and live up to the codes of academic practice – including the rules for how to take exams. If you break the rules, it’s considered exam cheating – no matter whether it was on purpose or not – and cheating can have serious consequences for you. Depending on the degree of seriousness, your exam might be annulled or, in the worst case, you might even be expelled. At the end of the day, cheating undermines the value and credibility of your degree programme and your diploma.

Of course, you can also always ask your lecturer or supervisor if you are unsure about which rules apply to your exam.

Ask for help if you’re struggling

If you are considering cheating because of personal, academic, family-related or other reasons, just don’t. Ask for help, and find another way. For example, you can contact:

At studerende.au.dk/en/boost-your-student-life, you’ll find lots of good advice on how to boost your well-being.