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University elections: Three good reasons to stand for election

You will be able to influence your degree programme, get valuable experience with the political system and expand your network. Elections at AU take place from 8 to 11 November and YOU can stand for election from 14 to 26 October. Read on to find out how.

What does ‘the good student life’ look like? Make your mark on your degree programme by standing for election at AU. Photo: Lars Kruse


In November, AU students will elect their representatives to the AU board, academic councils and boards of studies. Maybe you’ll be one of them? Here are three good reasons why you should stand for election:

  1. You will have an influence on your and your fellow students’ degree programmes. You will help make important decisions about the structure of academic regulations, planning exams, evaluation of teaching and more. Make your voice heard – it’s important.
  2. You will gain experience with the political system and get to know the university in a completely new way. These are valuable competencies that you can use in your future career. 
  3. You will meet new people, expand your network and become a part of the student politics community.


In addition to the election for students, there is also an election for PhD students this year, where they can stand for election to the PhD committees. 

Read more about elections for PhD students.


How to stand for election: 


If you are interested in standing for election, you can register your candidacy electronically from Thursday 14 October at 9:00 to Tuesday 26 October at 12:00. 


It is also in e-vote that you can check what you have the right to vote for. 

Read more about standing for election and voting rights at

If you have any questions, please contact the election secretariat at: 8715332 / 29458238 - or send an email to:

Elections at AU
Each year in November there are elections at Aarhus University. This is when members are elected to various councils, boards and committees as well as the AU board. Who can vote and what is voted on varies within a four year period. This year the election is from 8 to 11 November. In 2021, students and PhD students can vote for representatives to the board, the academic councils, the boards of studies and the PhD committees. Learn more at