Make your voice heard – vote now

You have a say in which of your fellow students will represent you on your degree programme’s board of studies and your academic council as well as on AU’s board. The polls open today – and you can cast your vote until 16:00 on Thursday 17 November.

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Last week: the Danish national elections. This week: the American midterm elections. Next up: the Aarhus University’s elections. An election all AU students, regardless of nationality, can participate in! This is your chance to exercise your right to vote in an election that will have a major impact on your AU experience, academically and socially. With just a few clicks on your laptop, you can cast your vote for the student representatives who will represent you on your degree programme’s board of studies, your academic council and on AU’s board.

And there’s a lot at stake in these elections: the bodies your representatives will participate in are responsible for discussing and deciding important issues. The boards of studies draft the academic regulations that decide the structure of your degree programme, ensure that teaching assessments are followed up on and approve exam schedules, for example. The students who sit on AU’s boards and councils are also involved in a lot of decisions – major and minor – that can improve the AU experience for you personally and for your fellow students. And two students who sit on AU’s board make sure that students have a say in important strategic decisions about how the university is run and organised.

How to vote

  • Sign in to the e-voting system with your AU ID and password at
  • Once you have signed in, you can see what elections you can vote in and who you can vote for.
  • You can vote electronically during the election period from 14 November at 9:00 until 17 November at 16:00.

Please note that in some cases elections may be uncontested or cancelled. You can’t vote in these elections. You can see a list here.

In this year’s university elections there are also elections for PhD students. Find out what elections you can vote in as a PhD student.

The election results will be announced at the beginning of week 47 at

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