Would you like to attend a Circle U. Summer School?

There are courses for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD students this summer when Circle U. repeats its successful Summer Schools for students across Europe. The application deadline for the first 3 summer schools is 29 February.

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Circle U.'s Summer Schools allow you to explore interesting academic topics with students from all over Europe. Photo: Colourbox

Once again, the Circle U. university alliance is offering a range of Summer Schools for students at all levels and all academic fields from across Europe. Humboldt University in Berlin has a course for Bachelor’s students who want to know more about climate science and policy, while there is a course at the University of Oslo for Master’s degree students on democracy, politics and poverty. The course at Louvain is mainly for PhD students and the topic here is global health.

The application deadline for all three programs is 29 February.

The courses are free of charge for AU students, and if you are accepted, you can apply for an Erasmus grant to cover some of your travel and living expenses.

When you know if you've been accepted, you can write to erasmus@au.dk to learn more about how to apply for a scholarship.

One more summer school coming

From 1-5 July, Aarhus University will host yet another Summer School. This interdisciplinary course aims to give participants the tools and perspectives needed to navigate the complex landscape of (corruption) research. Application opens shortly.

The main target group is PhD students. However, Master’s students who are in their final year and writing their dissertation with an emphasis on corruption may also apply and will be accepted if slots are available.