Molecular Physics

In the Molecular Physics group we study biological light-absorbing molecules, chromophores, in the gas phase. The quantum physcial properties of bio-chromophores are probed by studying the response of photon-absorption using pulsed lasers and electrostatic storage rings ELISA and SAPHIRA.

You are welcome to join our group for projects of any length, from one-year masters projects to single-day exercises. The content will be tuned to your interests and can include (but are not limited to)
• Using, Improving and developing ion traps and accelerator equipment.
• Designing optical setups for pulsed nano-second and femto-second lasers.
• Improving current and developing new control (LabVIEW) and data analysis (Matlab) software.
• Action spectroscopy of molecules in the gas phase using cutting edge techniques.
• Ultrafast pump-probe experiments using femtosecond laser pulses.
• Quantum Chemical modelling of large molecules using Gaussian or Firefly program packages.

The Molecular Physics Group

For further information contact
Lars H. Andersen