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Student identity card as key card

As a student at Aarhus University, you have access to all buildings on campus during normal opening hours. Outside opening hours, you can enter specific buildings by using your student identity card as a key card, provided that the ID card has been activated as such. See a list of the relevant buildings (find location on AU building map).

Activation: If you want to use your student ID card as a key card to Aarhus University's buildings, please complete and submit the online form below. Normally your card will be activated within 3 days. You will not receive an e-mail about this, but you can check with the local Building Services staff.* At the start of the university year, however, it may take up to one week for the card to be activated.

Reactivation and changes: After activation, the card is valid as key card for 2 years. If you wish to continue using your student ID card as a key card beyond this period, you must apply for reactivation using the form again. The form can also be used to change your PIN code.

Access to other facilities: This form does not apply to study spaces for students writing their thesis or to office spaces for student assistants and student associations. For further information on such facilities, please contact your local department secretariat.

*You will find your local Building Services staff here (click for location on university map):

building 2628 building 1340 building 1411 building 1443

This completed form contains personal data. The data will be submitted to Aarhus BSS Building Services, which will use it to grant access to the buildings. Once the employee has been registered in the access card system, the form will be deleted immediately.

Online form


Has your card been activated as key card before?
The PIN must not be "1234" or start with the digit 0 (zero)
Study programme=Department*
429463 / i40