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Access to buildings at Health, Campus Aarhus/Key card

Access to buildings at Health, Campus Aarhus:

In early February 2018 all students at Health will be given access to the buildings relevant to their study, so they may enter these outside of normal opening hours.

For students who already have their student card, this happens automatically.

New students must order their card at The card will be ready to use when you receive it by mail. With the card you also receive the pin code that goes with it. If you wish, you can change this on However, please note that you cannot choose your own pin code but will be given an auto-generated one.

In case you don’t have access to the relevant buildings when you have received the card, you can use the below application form to contact Building Services. They’ll look into why your card is missing the access and then get back to you.

Lost or damaged cards

If you lose your card or it becomes damaged, you must order a new one via

Your access to buildings is not automatically transferred to the new card. Therefore you must use the below application form to receive access via your new card.

Which buildings do I have access to?

If nothing else is mentioned, access is 24/7.

EducationsAccess to all mentioned
  • Medicinerhuset
  • VAB
  • Study halls in 1231 (ONLY 2. semester BA)
Health Science
Master of Science in Nursing
Master in Optometry and Visual Science
Master in Clinical Nursing
Public Health Science (Bachelor and Master)
  • VAB
  • Building 1264
  • Building 3410, Dalgas
  • Building 1150
Sport science
  • Building 3410, Dalgas
Dental hygiene
Clinical Dental Technician
  • Study halls and museum in 1611: Weekdays 7am - 6pm.
  • The cantina at the School of Odontology and Aud. C.: every day from 7am - 8pm
  • VAB
Molecular medicine
  • VAB

Where do I find my AU-id?

You find your AU-id by logging on to The ID is right next to your name on the main page - click on the picture to enlarge it.

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

What are all the numbers on my student card?

In April 2016 Aarhus University introduced a new layout on the student card. Printed on the card are all the numbers that are important to you during your time at the university.

To avoid any misunderstandings you can read a definition of them here:

  1. Student ID: your unique ID that starts with your matriculation year. The administration uses this number to look you up in the systems so it is important that you inform them about this when writing to them.
  2. Exam number: Only selected exams use exam numbers - read more about this at the Student Portal. You can find your number in the Student Self-Service (STADS) in the menu Exam registrations.
  3. AU-ID: this is your unique id that you use when logging on to the it systems at the university. Sometimes you have to add to it (e.g.: - this is NOT an e-mail) You can find your AU-ID on - see above.
  4. Card number: a consecutive number used only by Estates Facilities.

If you have an old version of the student card, please note that you can find your numbers on and at the Student Self-Service (STADS).


Are you a student at Nursing in Emdrup you have to pick up your Student registration card at Study Center Arts in Emdrup. If you have further questions regarding applying for access you can contact Study Center Arts in Emdrup.


Contact Building Services, Health about lacking access on your student card
373772 / i40