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  • 15 August: Internship agreement submission
  • 1 September or 1 December: Bachelor's project (reexam) submission for BSc
  • 5 November: Registration for electives in the spring semester
  • 1 December: Application for exchange in autumn 2019
  • 1 December: Bachelor's thesis registration (BSc)
  • 1 December: Master's thesis registration in Marketing and Business Innovation
  • 1 December: Master's thesis registration in Technology Based Business Development
  • 1 December: Registration for ordinary exam spring/summer 2019
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2018.05.03 | Students

Aarhus BSS – an important part of the new University City

Aarhus University has just announced one of the most significant development plans in the history of the university. And Aarhus BSS is an important part of this plan.

2018.04.26 | Students

Are you going to have elective courses in the autumn semester 2018?

The registration for elective courses in the autumn semester 2018 is open from 1 – 5 May.

2018.04.23 | Students

Invitation to a general meeting about the plans for AU’s physical development

Read the full invitation to the general meeting to take place in the Main Hall on 2 May.

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2014.10.02 | Opslag

Contribute to research and earn rewards

Cognition and Behavior Lab studies rely on participants. Besides offering rewards, we will also help participants better understand modern research methodologies and help improve science.

2014.08.22 | Opslag

International Student Coach

If you as an international student have any questions that are not directly study-related, you are welcome to send international student coach Maira an email. It could be questions about how it it to be an international student in Herning, Herning City and city life, leisure and sports, shopping facilities, part-time job, transport etc.  

2014.08.21 | Opslag

Become a Youth Goodwill Ambassador

It is now possible to apply to become a Youth Goodwill Ambassador

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