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Exam registration and withdrawal


If you are registered for a course, you are automatically registered for the ordinary exam as well. You can deregister from an exam until 14 days before the date of the exam.

Before you decide to deregistrate from an exam, please pay attention to the rules regarding maximum duration of studies and the demand for study progress.

Please notice that courses may overlap, if you decide to postpone a course to a later semester.  For instance, if you deregister from a compulsory course at your third semester and plan to retake it on your fifth semester, it may overlap with other fifth semester courses.

If you do not pass the ordinary examination, you must register for the reexamination via the student self-service facility - - However, you cannot deregister for a reexam after the registration deadline for reexams has expired. This means that the 14 day-deadline for withdrawal does not apply for the reexaminations.

Please make sure that you check that your exam registrations are correct in

Students, who wish to sign up for their second and third exam attempt, can find information about reexaminations and make-up examinations here.

If you have problems with the registration for exams, send an email to:

  • Bachelor programmes: Louise Bonne Rasmussen, email  - phone 8715 3612
  • Master programmes: Runa Kortsen, email - phone 871 52375

If you are looking for information about course registration go to this page: Course registration

In case of illness

If you have been unable to attend or complete an exam because of illness, the Board of Studies may give permission for a deferment of your examination attempt. To apply for this you must use the form 'Application for deferment of examination attempt due to illness', which must be submitted via emal,, or handed in to Aarhus BSS Student Services, as soon as possible after the issue of the medical certificate. Remember to attach a medical certificate covering the period for the above-mentioned exam. The medical certificate must be issued by the doctor no later than on the day of the exam.

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