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Access cards and Keys

You can have your student ID card activated as a key card giving access outside opening hours to the Geoscience building complex.

To do this, you have to fill-in a form and choose a PIN (4-6 digits). You may get the form from the student counsellor when starting your studies. Otherwise, contact the secretariat (

It may take up to 48 hours before it works. You will not be notified - so just try!



  • The card is personal and not transferable it to anyone else.
  • Do not let in any unauthorised persons.
  • Do not block the doors. It will activate the alarm and damage the automatic locking of doors.


If you need to have a key (e.g. to Master students' work room), you have to:

  • Go to, fill-in the form and pay Dkr. 200 online.
  • Contact Grethe Storgaard in the secretariat, show here your receipt for payment, and she will give you the key.
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